Proposed Budget Cuts: Community-led Development at Risk

President Donald Trump released his first formal proposed budget to Congress on 16 March 2017. As promised, the “America First” budget is proposing $54 billion in cuts throughout different federal government agencies and programs to offset the increase to the defense budget. Here is a snapshot of some departments that will be experiencing budget cuts: … Continue reading Proposed Budget Cuts: Community-led Development at Risk

SDSN Report for Sustainable Settlements

This Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) report was written for municipalities to make progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs provide a roadmap to sustainable and balanced development. Sustainable human settlements, both cities and rural areas alike, are critical for our planet’s health. SDG 11 is the ‘cities’ goal, which recognizes and prioritizes the importance … Continue reading SDSN Report for Sustainable Settlements