Learning from Failure

July 31, 2019 - Our Learning Working Group organized it's second special learning event of the year. Objective: To build a culture of sharing and learning from failure as well as apply some standardized tools to help along the way. https://youtu.be/n2ARpO9xocQ Recording of the call PDF of slide deckDownload 10:00 am         … Continue reading Learning from Failure

Capacity Development

2019-02-27 Special Learning Event https://youtu.be/k8bb_Q6m04w Full recording This was the first Learning Session organized by the newly-formed CLD Learning Working Group, which evolved from the Locus Learning Working Group. Co-chairs: Matt Lineal (Nuru International) and Sia Nowrojee (3D Program for Girls and Women) Brian Viani, Leadership & Training Strategic Advisor, Nuru International, From ‘Capacity Building’ … Continue reading Capacity Development

The Journey to Self-Reliance starts with Community-led Development

USAID is undergoing a major transformation under the theme "Journey to Self Reliance." Extensive  field experience shows that this journey begins in communities, and that aid strategies should be designed from the community upwards. In the past 50 years, countries as diverse as Korea, Philippines, Brazil and most recently Kenya have achieved broad-based economic growth, … Continue reading The Journey to Self-Reliance starts with Community-led Development

Mexico launches a School for Community-led Development

In May 2017, The Hunger Project-Mexico launched the "Municipal School for Community-led Development" in two districts in Mexico (San José Tenango, Oaxaca and Tampamolón Corona, San Luis Potosí) under the project "Hands and voices to work: indigenous community participation in local governance."  Eight months into the journey, the team has had the opportunity to discover … Continue reading Mexico launches a School for Community-led Development